i have questions

Q: What’s the relevant information of rooms?

A: Such as types of room, monthly rent and available move in date. You may also find out some other information such as flatmates and plot plans on the website.

Q: When will 9floor release more rooms?          

A:  Expected every 2 months.

Q: Essentially, how do 9floor crews decide who can move in? 

A: We prefer someone who can match the selected move-in date. Besides, we will        look into the flatmates’ backgrounds, in order to make our community as diverse      as possible.

Q: If I am looking for a room  available in July. Shall I submit the application now          (April) ?
A: No. We offer available rooms of July in May and June. Don’t forget to apply for       it then!

Q: If I feel upset about the result and I want to apply for another room — shall I            submit another application?   

A: Yes, please do! Every application is irrelevant to one another, and available              rooms aren't the same in every session for releasing rooms (You can finish the        application in 5 mins!)


Q: Are there any rules for living in 9floor apartments?

A: We see it not just a place to stay. We wish every member inside our apartment

    would be opened-mined and willing to share their thoughts and daily lives to one

    another. However, you may check the rules on our website.