Hi all, my name is Runa and I came from Japan to study Chinese here for 10month also looking for internship or full-time / part-time jobs to seek for the better future career and gaining my experience. I’ve been staying in this wonderful apartment for nearly a month now and I would like to share some of my experience here.

My life in this apartment is quite interesting and feels like real “HOME”.Whenever I come back to this home, I always feel welcoming thatpeople have their mind to share their time and experience together.Having casual-chitcaht drinks night with your friends, meeting new people who are working for their projects here or listening to their back-packing traveling stories,inviting your friends to host the movie night, looking at the million-dollarnight views from the rooftop together..etcThere are so many activities and memories here!! 

The owners offer us the space, not only for people to unite their friendship with their own such purpose to enjoy their life here in Taipei but also for those who have their own projects to lend them the work space, that was quite UNIQE and STIMULATIVE for us to see their part of their real life in Taipei.

Since I like the idea of this apartment, their modern and stylish interior design,and the cost of monthly payments which is affordable for students,there is nothing better than this apartment to start your life in Taipei.

Thank you so much for the owners for their hardwork,
I enjoy my time in this lovely apartment with friendly roomates!


Hi, I'm Markara and I was born in North America.  I am a remote worker for an American startup company dealing with marketing and mobile software.

I've been to Taipei previously for a month, and I liked it so much that I came back to stay even longer.  When I return to a city, I like to stay in a different part of town so it will always feel new.  What I look for in a residence are the areas I would spend working on a laptop and good lighting.  This location has many tables inside, and places to work on the balcony with an amazing view of the city from the top floor.




Hi! I'm Kemmy. I was originally from Hong Kong but now I live in New York with my family. I am currently attending pharmacy school at Massachusetts for my PharmD degree. In the past summer, I stayed at 9floor for a total of six weeks while doing my international clinical rotation in Taipei. I had never been to Taiwan before this rotation and I was thankful for all the help Pete and other Airbnb guests had provided throughout my stay. One thing I like the most is its prime location to all the restaurants and subway station. I had my internal medicine rotation at Wan Fang Hospital and it just took me half an hour to commute to work every day. It was such a pleasant stay at 9FLOOR apartment, the environment was very welcoming and all the guests were friendly. The living room was the best place to socialize and have a good time with other guests. There were always some events going on in the apartment during weekends. However, I was always busy traveling on weekends and didn’t get a chance to attend those special events. All in all, I think everyone will have a good time staying at 9F’s apartment.










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Runa Akita

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HOME: TaiShun


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